Garlic is a true miracle plant

Garlic is a true miracle plant, with legendary antiseptic powers, working against bacteria, viruses and fungi alike. It has remained famous in folk medicine since antiquity for its protective and immune-boosting powers. It’s also been more closely scrutinized by scientists than any other medicinal plant.

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How to use Garlic

Garlic (Allium sativum) is strongly aromatic with a white ‘head’ with a cluster of small bulblets (also referred to as cloves or pods) attached to it.

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Garlic and skin infections

Garlic is held in high esteem for its medicinal use for over six thousand years. It is considered a powerful rejuvenating herb. It acts as a stimulant and anti-bacterial.

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Garlic and vaginal yeast infections

Garlic is a well-known relative of the onion. It has a well-established place in medicine, particularly in the treatment of hypertension, as well as other minor medical conditions. It is also known for its antiseptic properties.

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Garlic is probably best known to most of us as the pungent herb added to all sorts of dishes to impart its wonderful flavour, along with its pungent (but delicious) odour left on the breath! Garlic will grow in good soil and is easy to grow as it's pretty much plant and forget.

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Garlic oil - Cancer-fighting herb

Since the days of Hippocrates, garlic has been held in high esteem for its cancer-fighting properties. Now science has caught up with the ancient healers.

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The Great Garlic Mystery

During the Great Plague, some herbalists avoided this deadly disease by eating large amounts of garlic and wearing garlic strands around their necks.

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Candida albicans and Garlic oil

Garlic helps strengthen the immune system against infec­tion by activating "germ-eating" macrophages, cells that are produced by the immune system.

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